Easy to join!

To participate in this competition, mechatronics only have to register on the event website at, during the months of June to September 2022.


From the beginning of October, the evaluation questionnaires will be published. In total, there are three questionnaires that must be answered by the mechatronics already registered and that will be available online in the months of October, November and December.


The contest is open to all mechatronics in Mainland Portugal and Islands.


In January 2023, the Jury will evaluate the responses of all participants and determine the eight best classified who will compete in the final.


In February 2023, a breafing session with all the finalists will be held at the ATEC facilities, where they will be informed of the rules and procedures of the Competition, so that they can prepare for the tests they will perform in the Final.


In April 2023, the Final contest will take place at expoMECÂNICA , on the 14th, 15th and 16th. There will be three intense days, where competitors will have to put their knowledge and experience to work to overcome the various competitions.


Participation Diplomas and Trophies will be offered to all participants and sponsors will also offer prizes to all competitors.


If it is an organized, well-equipped workshop with competent and up-to-date human resources, take this opportunity to participate in a unique and challenging event, where only the best can reach the final.

Competition Rules


1 - JURY


The Competition Jury is made up of professionals appointed by ATEC. The assessment is objective and will be based on performance in practical tests and time spent on diagnosis and repair. The evaluation in the accomplishment of the tests is individual. The decisions of the Jury of Evaluation of the tests are not appealable and aim to determine the final classification, computing the sum of the partial results obtained during the tests carried out.




The tests, prepared by ATEC's team of automotive mechatronics trainers, have the character of gauging practical and theoretical skills. The evaluation is objective based on the individual performance of each competitor in the course of the set of tests applied.  




In order to carry out the practical tests, anomalies will be introduced in the cars, which will have to be detected and resolved by the competitors. The anomalies introduced will be the same in all tests. The equipment and tools necessary to carry out the tests, as well as technical information, will be available to competitors.




The Competition will be published in Jornal das Oficinas and the respective online platforms (website, newsletter, JO TV, social networks).  Throughout the year, specific content on the automotive mechatronics profession will be published. In addition to the technical information related to the various areas covered by the profession, we will have the testimony of the winners of the previous editions of the competition and other professionals in the field, with experience in the areas of diagnosis, maintenance and car repair. The competition report, with interviews with the winners, jury and sponsors, will be published in Jornal das Oficinas.




The Best Mechatronics Competition is open to all active mechatronics. Finalists will be selected from among all participants who register and respond to questionnaires that will be posted online on the Competition website.




The organization undertakes to raise awards, trophies and diplomas that attest to the recognition of the competences demonstrated in the competition. Participation certificates will be offered to all competitors and trophies to the winners. The brands and companies sponsoring the competition will also offer prizes and merchandising of their products to all participants and the organization will award a special prize to the winner of the competition.

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